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At Technology Staffing Group SA, we house a team of 100+ seasoned IT specialists, each adept in various disciplines, prepared to navigate the intricacies of your tech projects. Our diverse and skilled professionals form the foundation of our high-quality, innovative solutions.

Whether it's IT consulting, staff delegation, direct placement, or our Hybrid Bot model, our experts utilize their extensive experience and cutting-edge knowledge to propel your business in the dynamic tech landscape, ensuring unmatched expertise and efficiency for every project.

Our dedicated team excels in sourcing even the most elusive tech solutions, showcasing unparalleled hunting capabilities that set us apart from other agencies. We listen to the needs of our clients, finding the right resources to seamlessly fit into the company dynamics.

What we do

Services we're offering

Staff Delegation

Best-in-class IT Talents to assist the CTO and IT Development team, accompanied with a dedicated recruiter

Staff Delegation

Direct Placement

Our expert headhunting services efficiently source and place top-tier Full-Time Employees (FTE) tailored to your specific organizational needs.

Direct Placement

Project Management

Specialized in driving projects to success, our Project Management professionals ensure timely, budget-compliant delivery, employing advanced methodologies for optimal outcomes.

Project Management

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team focuses on rigorous testing and validation, adhering to high standards to ensure top-quality products and enhance customer satisfaction.

Quality Assurance


Comprehensive Expertise, Global Reach, Trusted Solutions

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On-site or Full Remote Workforce

Our Global Presence in the EU: We are present in ten countries around Europe and have office in three countries Switzerland, Romania, Spain.

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+100 IT Specialists

A diversified mix of profiles: Architects, Devs, QAs, DevOps, SecOps, UI/UX Designers, PMs.
We continually source top-tier talent, even those not actively seeking, with specialized skills for a perfect match—always prioritizing client needs.

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Quick and Efficient Hiring

Our expertise lies in rapidly sourcing elite IT talent. We efficiently evaluate and deliver outstanding candidates, ensuring your organization accesses skilled IT professionals at the right time and place, maximizing efficiency in time and resources.

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Customized to Your Needs

We make our services fit what you want. Whether you need someone short-term, long-term, or for keeps, we can help and make sure it works for your budget.

Swiss-based IT Staffing and Consulting Across Europe

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  • Technology Staffing Group SA specializes in hiring IT talents as well as co-leading projects for our clients which include start-ups to Fortune 500 companies that are based across Europe.
  • We are a Swiss IT services and consulting company with over 100 consultants all across Europe, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, with delivery offices around Europe.


Frequently asked questions

TSG specializes in providing a wide range of IT staffing solutions, including direct placement of Full-Time Employees (FTE), staff delegation to augment your existing team, and our innovative Hybrid BOT model for flexible team management. We cater to various roles, from architects and developers to UI/UX designers and project managers.

We maintain a rigorous vetting process to ensure only top-tier IT professionals join our team. This includes thorough skill assessments, reference checks, and ensuring a match with our client's culture and values. Our over 100 IT specialists across Europe are a testament to our commitment to quality.

Our consulting approach is rooted in a deep understanding of each client's unique needs and the latest industry trends. We not only provide bespoke solutions for digitalization and automation but also offer ongoing support and insights to ensure sustainable and impactful technological advancement.

TSG addresses staff shortages in Switzerland by leveraging a diverse talent pool and offering flexible staffing solutions. We focus on local talent development and global talent acquisition to provide skilled IT professionals who match the specific needs of the Swiss market. Our innovative staffing models, like the Hybrid BOT model, allow for adaptable team scaling, ensuring that our clients can efficiently overcome the challenges of IT staff shortages.

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